CCN1 Course & Appliances (Initial)

ACS Course suitable for new entrants or existing gas safety installers

This CCN1 training course is required for any operative wishing to work on domestic gas installations.

Along with covering the Core Gas Safety qualification, this course also includes central heating and hot water boilers (CENWAT), cookers (CKR1) and space heaters/fires (HTR1).

While being great for new entrants, this course is also ideal if you’re a gas installer whose existing CCN1 has lapsed by more than 12 months.

4 day course, based in Dalkeith, 30 mins from Edinburgh

£995.00 + VAT

Course information

What's included?

The Core Safety Course for Residential Gas (CCN1) and appliance training encompass various vital subjects, including:

  1. CCN1: Foundational Gas Safety in Homes with CPA1 (Combustion Performance Analysis).
  2. CENWAT: Central Heating Boilers & Water Heating Units.
  3. CKR1: Cooking Appliances.
  4. HTR1: Space Heating Devices, which includes Gas Fireplaces and Wall Heaters.

The initial CCN1 training and evaluation focused on domestic gas safety covers:

  1. Gas safety regulations and related legal requirements.
  2. Understanding combustion principles, relevant pressures, and gas flow rates.
  3. Gas pipe handling.
  4. Conducting pressure tests and purging for both low and medium-pressure situations.
  5. Recognizing and testing chimney systems.
  6. Proper ventilation techniques.
  7. Proficiency in gas control systems.

The initial appliance training includes:

  1. Appliance installation.
  2. Device commissioning.
  3. Servicing and regular maintenance.
  4. Basic gas safety troubleshooting.

The CCN1 assessment (including appliances) consists of hands-on tests and multiple-choice question papers. Successful candidates will receive an LCL Awards certificate for Core Safety in Residential Gas (CCN1) and the specific appliances they’ve been trained on.

Entry requirements

The CCN1 initial training and assessment course is tailored for gas installers seeking ACS qualifications for the first time or renewing certifications that have lapsed for over 12 months.

To undertake ACS assessments, candidates must show they’ve completed a recognized training program and possess a supporting portfolio of hands-on experience, which will be verified by a registered gas engineer.

Candidates opting for the Managed Learning Program will fulfill these requirements and, upon completing the training and on-site work experience, will engage in CCN1, CENWAT, CKR1, and HTR1 as part of their comprehensive package

How long does it take and what's involved?

This course takes approximately 4 days, but it can run over to 4 days, undertaken at our state of the art facility in Dalkeith, approximately 30 mins via car from Edinburgh.

This assessment takes the form of both practical tests and written, multiple choice question tests.

On successful completion of the course, the candidate will be issued with the an  LCL Awards certificate in Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) and any other relevant appliances they have completed.

Where is the course?

The course is based in our state of the art training centre in Dalkeith, Midlothian, approximately 30 mins from Edinburgh.

Please see our how to find us page to find out where we are.

How much does it cost?

The cost is £995.00 + VAT. This can be paid upfront or in monthly instalments.

Upcoming course dates

Our upcoming course dates:

  • 02/10/23
  • 16/10/23
  • 13/11/23
  • 27/11/23
  • 11/12/23

Looking for another date? Please contact us as we may be able to accomodate based on your requirements.

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