Domestic ACS Package (Refresher) – CCN1 & Appliances

£ 395 - 645 + VAT

3 day course, based in Dalkeith, 30 mins from Edinburgh

This CCN1 revalidation training program by The Energy Training Academy is designed for experienced gas professionals looking to renew their ACS certifications. Renewing the CCN1 certification and its related appliances is essential every five years to maintain your Gas Safe Registration status.

Course information

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Our Core Domestic Gas Safety CCN1 re-evaluation training encompasses the following:

  1. Combustion, pertinent pressures, and gas flow rates.
  2. Gas pipeline installations.
  3. Leakage assessment and purging, spanning low and medium pressure.
  4. Identification and evaluation of chimney systems.
  5. Ventilation practices.
  6. Gas control mechanisms.
  7. Analysis of flue gas.

In addition, our gas appliance re-evaluation training addresses:

  1. Detection and rectification of installation defects.
  2. Basic troubleshooting for gas safety issues.

This domestic ACS package also covers a range of appliances, the full list includes:

  • CCN1 – Core Domestic Gas Safety
  • CPA1 – Combustion Performance and Analysis
  • CENWAT – Domestic Gas Central Heating Boilers & Water Heaters
  • HTR1 – Domestic Gas Fires & Wall Heaters
  • CKR1 – Domestic Gas Cooking Appliances

Upon successful course completion, candidates will receive LCL Awards certificates for Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) and the specific appliances they’ve studied

In the United Kingdom, it’s a legal prerequisite for any professional looking to undertake gas-related tasks to be a part of the Gas Safe register.

To become registered as a domestic gas installer, you need to possess the Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) certification, along with qualifications for the specific appliances you intend to service. It’s important to note that ACS credentials must be refreshed every 5 years.

Our comprehensive package comprises training and reassessment, encompassing core domestic gas safety, central heating systems, hot water boilers, cookers, and space heaters, which includes gas fireplaces and wall heaters

To qualify for revaluation, engineers should possess an active ACS certification. In instances where their certifications have lapsed, the revaluation course can be completed within a 12-month window from the date of qualification expiration.

For gas engineers whose certifications have been inactive for over 12 months, enrolling in the CCN1 & Appliance Initial Package Course is what we recommend.

The CCN1 initial training and assessment course is tailored for gas installers seeking ACS qualifications for the first time or renewing certifications that have lapsed for over 12 months.

To undertake ACS assessments, candidates must show they’ve completed a recognized training program and possess a supporting portfolio of hands-on experience, which will be verified by a registered gas engineer.

Candidates opting for the Managed Learning Program will fulfill these requirements and, upon completing the training and on-site work experience, will engage in CCN1, CENWAT, CKR1, and HTR1 as part of their comprehensive package

The course is based in our state of the art training centre in Dalkeith, Midlothian, approximately 30 mins from Edinburgh.

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The cost is £395-645 + VAT. This can be paid upfront or in monthly instalments.

Candidates will be given an LCL Awards Domestic Gas Safety Training Manual on the first day of their course.

You should bring a form of identification with you on your course, ie. Driving License or Passport, along with a small passport photograph along with any relevant copies of education certificates. 

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