Level 2 Award in Understanding Domestic Retrofit

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Duration: 30 hours, with 21 guided learning hours.

About This Domestic Retrofit Course

The program is suitable for a diverse group of participants and entities, including those currently engaged in retrofitting, construction, or the broader UK housing sector. Upon completion, you will possess a solid base, enabling you to either specialize within this field or gain a thorough appreciation for the importance and advantages of whole-house retrofitting.

Who is this course for: Experienced Construction Professionals, Current Students and Recent Graduates, Professionals Aiming for Sector Transition, and New Entrants to the Construction and Retrofit Sector. 

What you’ll get: Level 2 NOCN Accredited Award 

Delivery mode: Online via the self-guided eLearning platform, with complimentary masterclass sessions held in one of our regional partner delivery venues across Scotland. 

Embark on a transformative journey towards sustainability with our Level 2 Award in Understanding Domestic Retrofit, accredited by the National Open College Network (NOCN). 

Tailored for industry professionals, current students, recent graduates, and new entrants, this all-encompassing course furnishes you with the essential knowledge and skills to thrive in the retrofit sector.

Learn the essentials of retrofit principles, strategic decarbonisation of the built environment, and the role of retrofit in combatting climate change. With a blend of eLearning, practical masterclasses, and expert mentoring, this award sets the foundation for your success in fostering sustainable building practices.

Dive into the world of sustainable building practices with our NOCN Level 2 Award in Understanding Domestic Retrofit. This course is meticulously crafted to meet the needs of not just seasoned construction professionals but also welcomes current students, recent graduates, and industry newcomers. You’ll embark on an educational journey that covers a wide range of crucial topics, including the fundamentals of domestic retrofit, energy efficiency measures, and the pivotal role of retrofitting in mitigating climate change impacts.

You are empowered to explore at your own pace through our cutting-edge online eLearning platform, ensuring flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule. The learning experience is further enriched with masterclass sessions, where you’ll have the opportunity to engage with industry experts. These sessions are hosted at various regional partner venues across Scotland, offering a chance to network with peers and professionals in the field.

Our curriculum is carefully structured around six key modules, each crafted to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the retrofit process and its critical role in combating climate change. These modules include:

  • Climate Change and the Need for Retrofit: Understand the urgency of retrofitting in the context of sustainable building solutions and climate change mitigation.
  • Information and Documentation used in Domestic Retrofit: Dive into effective planning and implementation strategies through detailed documentation and standards.
  • Organisational Structures in Retrofit: Explore strategies for efficient implementation and sustainability within retrofit organizational structures.
  • The Context of Retrofit in Building Practice: Gain insights into construction types, energy efficiency, insulation, building defects, and the challenges of domestic retrofit.
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Practice: Learn about best practices for ensuring safety, sustainability, and circular solutions in retrofit projects.
  • Effective Communication, Teamwork, and Specialist Skills for Retrofit: Enhance your communication, teamwork, and specialised expertise in retrofit collaboration.


By the end of this course, you’ll have gained a comprehensive understanding of the principles of retrofit, strategies for decarbonising domestic buildings, and the competencies required to implement these practices effectively. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your career prospects in the construction industry or looking to make a positive impact on the environment through sustainable construction methods, this award provides the foundation you need to succeed.

Join us in leading the change towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future in construction. Enrol now and take the first step in becoming a pivotal part of the solution to our planet’s climate challenges.

Exclusively online, with remote assessment £595

Blended delivery, eLearning course followed by in-person masterclass and assessment £695

Accreditation – NOCN Certificate 

Assessment – Multiple choice online assessment 

Endorsed by – NOCN 

£595 + VAT

Blended eLearning/in-person is £695 + VAT